My story

I started this blog to share with friends and family my life, well rather, our life. The crazy hectic life of a young twin mom and my family.

I was born and raised a Canadian girl, met my foreign American hubby at "Bridal Collage", and 3 and half years later am a blessed mommy to two beautiful little big boys who pretty much run my life for the time being!
I do manage to sneak out of the house 2 days a week to go sing, play guitar, dance, and teach kids in daycare centers about music and instruments from around the world!

A few sacred things I still LOVE!;
French Vanilla Latte's from Timmy's, summer, listening to thunder storms, flip flops, warm beaches, graphic design, blog design, date nights, shopping, worship music, writing worship music, road trips to visit my family in beautiful Oregon, road trips period. I also love chatting to other moms of multiples. It makes me feel better hearing that I am not the only one who is going insane on a daily basis. :)

{My beautiful family. I'm very blessed!}

Nothing could have ever prepared me for what I was in for, when I was first told by a sonographer, "Congratulations, your having twins!"
"Your joking, right?" Was all I could muster up. His words, "No mam' I am not allowed to joke about these things."
I knew twins ran in my family, but I never thought I would be the lucky one. I mean, I always told everyone when I was little girl I was going to grow up and have twin boys, and their response was always the same; you can't pre-order your children! Well I guess God was listening....