Living Gluten Free

I was diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten at a very young age and have struggled, especially as a kid, with staying away from it. Both of my boys show signs of the intolerance as well so for us, it is not a choice, it is a must! GF has come a LONG way since I was first diagnosed, but my cooking/baking has not. So any new recipes that I try out that turn out fabulous, I thought I would share with the world! Or at least my friends and family who also suffer from a wheat intolerance/celiacs.
I have also been on this Clean eating kick, so any of the meals I make that turn out awesome I will also post here! ALL of those will be, of course, gluten free as well. Enjoy!

Clean Eating, what is that?!

- Mixed Berry Smoothie / Clean and Gluten/Wheat Free!
- Easy Peasy Quiche
Banana Macadamia Chip Oatmeal

- Hash Brown Tuna Melts
- Salmon Burger Salad Greens

- Cheesy Carrot & Potato Casserole

- Banana Glazed Doughnuts
GF Apple Crisp