Monday, December 23, 2013

IKEA Kura Bunk Bed Hack

I have been dreaming about hacking this bed since I got it over 3 years ago for my twins. After we purchased our home, I knew it was time! The bed was pulled apart from the move, are our basement is empty and unfinished. Exactly what I needed! So I browsed the internet and got to work. I used the tutorial over here. First I painted out all the pine as well as the ugly blue panels. (did you know IKEA now sells this bed with white panels and it comes mostly put together? Grrr.) Anyways, this process took me about a week. Mostly because I had to work and could only work on this during the evenings.
I used primer first, and used this stuff, Zinsser because thats what the tutorial told me to do. So I listened.

After I painted everything white with the primer, I used a paint sample from Behr to paint one of the side panels and the chevron. I used a tutorial here to figure out how to get the perfect chevron stripes! I just used masking tape for this because I had no painting tape on hand. It worked out okay!

Here is the before and after! Two beds in one room basically took up the entire space. Now they have plenty of room to play and sleep. My husband wants to build a platform under the bed with some drawers to add more storage for their toys, we have yet to draw up the plans for that but hopefully that will happen soon!

The only thing I regret, is that I didn't use a sealer on it before we put it together because we were really wanting to just get the bed together so the boys had room to play in their room! I do plan on sealing it though, because if it gets banged a little it peels off too easily. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! There is a reason she told me to use that in the tutorial... I still have a ton of work to do in their room before its complete, but I think this was the biggest task! So glad it's done :)

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