Friday, January 14, 2011

my little dudes

Nothing could have ever prepared me for what I was in for, when I was first told by a sonographer, "Congratulations, your having twins!"
"Your joking, right?" Was all I could muster up. His words, "No mam' I am not allowed to joke about these things."
I knew twins ran in my family, but I never thought I would be the lucky one. I mean, I always told everyone when I was little girl I was going to grow up and have twin boys, and their response was always the same; you can't pre-order your children! Well I guess God was listening, hehe.

CopyRight to Kayla Kelly. DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES! Thank you =)

Although having twins has its challenges that most people don't even realize unless they too have twins, I wouldn't change it for the world! It is something special, being a twin mom and getting to watch them grow together, laugh together, and yes even fight together. They have made me grow up A LOT, and I have learned what true sacrifice is. Like not taking a shower for 5 days because of their constant need of attention. { Unfortunately yes, its happened to me before! } They are still teaching me the value of patience and self control, and although some days I feel like I am loosing control and I can't take it anymore, they somehow turn on their charm look into my eyes and smile. And that's all I need!

They are the perfect little boys, in every way. All moms brag about how cute their children are, but mine really are! Hah. Of course its nothing we did, God just blessed them with good looks of course! =) I couldn't ask for more perfect kids! I feel truly blessed to be their mom, to have this experience with them, to have them teach me all sorts of new things every day and help me grow into a better person for it.

CopyRight to Kayla Kelly. DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES! Thank you =)

They are so smart too. I cannot believe how much they have grown and learned since being born. The time goes by WAY too fast. They can already build lego towers at only 18 months, they are slowly learning new words, like "papa" "dada" "mama" and tayo" { their big cousin Tatum! } They can point out people from pictures, and I think they may even have a future in wrestling!

So I guess you could say I am a fanatic for my kids, but then again, what mom isn't?! I love them to pieces and I am so glad I was the "lucky one, but if you ever tell me, "You are so lucky you have twins, I want twins so bad." I will most likely tell you your an idiot { in a nice way } because you have no idea what you'd be signing up for!

CopyRight to Kayla Kelly. DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES! Thank you =)

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