Friday, August 17, 2012

No more naps?!

I often wonder what is wrong with my boys. I let them run, and run, and run until their little faces turn bright red. I take them on walks, bike rides, and to the much loved park. Then I try to fill em up with so much food that they can't move and want to just sit there like a bump on a log. Am I doing this right? Shouldn't they be extremely fatigued by now like their oldish momma? I swear that they still need a nap, they get all cranky and whiney and annoying. (Or, maybe thats just me...) Some glorious days they will nap the nap right out of naptime! Others they flat out refuse, and at the end of the day I guess I should be grateful that I at least get 3 days out of a week they they still nap. Right? Cause who knows when they will stop all together. (I can feel myself crying a little on the inside right now just thinking about it!

SO today I took them to a community festival that their GG, Great Gramma, was face painting at. Yes, I said Great Gramma who also face paints, she is the coolest! In hopes that it would tire them out. Score 1 for mommy, because it did! It could have been because they spent all day yesterday wide awake and then smartie pants mommy decided to take them to the fireworks festival which got us home about 11:30pm. doh. But today, today is nap time! Today I get to shut of my brain for a couple of hours, perhaps climb into bed, and enjoy the quiet. I am praising God for that one all the way to the end...

GG with her face painting skills
All tuckered out with their juice boxes and chips!

When did your kids refuse to stop napping? I am hopping over here! ---> Let Them Eat Cake SippyCupChroniclesFavoriteThingFriday

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