Thursday, September 6, 2012

7 Questions

OH, fun! Let's play 7 questions :)
Feel free to join in and link up! Happy Thursday!!!

1. I say "Jump" You say ______. How high?

2. What is your favorite flower? Tiger Lilies!!!

3. If you had to choose between having plumbing or electricity, which would you choose? Electricity. I need heat! I can live without showers ;) (twin boys, remember? who has time to shower!)

4. What is your go-to funny youtube video? (keep 'em clean)

5. Do you think dreams mean something? Most of mine do! Like the time I had a dream my boys went to kindergarten, full days, five days a week. I woke up SO happy!

6. Do you collect anything? No, I hate clutter and nic-nacs!

7. You're in a situation that is everything it should be. You're with the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, but it doesn't "feel" right... What do you do? Listen to my gut feeling, if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't! run.


  1. If you said "jump", what do your boys do? My girls just laugh at me!

  2. Hi Kayla!

    Come by and join the blog hop if you already haven't! AWESOME for finding new friends!

    I hope that you had a fab weekend girl!

    ♥ Shar