Saturday, September 15, 2012

Va-cay Crazy!

In 15 days, my husband and I and flying away to Florida on our first official vacation. Ever. (Honeymoon doesn't count, that was driving 3 hours away for 3 days. No beach, doesn't count!)
I am both super stoked, and super stressed. I have so much to get done still, and no clue how I am going to get packed, as well as stock my fridge for the boys and make sure they have clean clothes and somewhat clean house to occupy while I am away! (My mom is watching them for the 10 days between our house and hers. Best Grammy ever? Hands down!) Oh ya, did I also mention that we have a wedding to attend be in, 5 days before? And lets not forget the bacherlorette party, and the rehearsal/dinner. Add in work, a photo shoot next wednesday, and prepping my two 3 year olds for mommy and daddy to leave them for 10 days, I think I might loose my mind! Vacation you say? What vacation!? Feels like I am getting ready for the apocalypse!!!
None the less, I am pretty excited to lay on a beach, spend alone time with my wonderful husband, and relax :)

So to prep the boys I have been a mad women searching google and blogs to find out what helps when leaving toddlers behind! They have never been away from me for longer than 24 hours in their little lives. I know they'll live, and quite honestly I am more worried about how I'll deal, haha. So far I have;

1. Leave a picture of yourselves for them. Check!
2. Give them their own calendar that lets them count down the days till mommy and daddy get back with their own stickers! not check!
3. Leave your sweater or other personal belonging with them to take care of. Check!
4. Get them excited about all the fun things they will get to do with Gramma and Papa. Check!

In addition to that, I have been talking with them about mommy and daddy leaving on a plane, but we will come back. I have also told them we would bring back a special surprise for them, and asked them what they wanted us to bring back! Ez's answer was; "You bring back pop and fries for me from Fro-ida!?" I do plan on skyp'ing with them as well, if my mom can figure that out, haha. So far they have been pretty good about it, but I guess we will just have to wait and see how well they really react. I have been told that we will miss them more than they will miss us. I hope so!

I also managed to knock out 4 sewing projects yesterday in preparation for our trip! Yay, go me! I altered one large boat-like dress, sewed a skirt from scratch, aaaaaand turned two pairs of my jeans into skinnies! (I will link the tutorial I used underneath the photos for you ;)

{{ DIY maxi skirt }}

No tutorial for this, I just turned it inside out and sewed up the insides to make it smaller! NEVER overlook the larger sizes at your local thrift shop, I found this beauty and there is hardly ever any nice dresses in my size :(

Okay, so PLEASE ignore my muffin top and all my kids chaos of toys! LOVED the way these turned out, and surprisingly easy to do, even for a busy mom like me! ;) I never used a tutorial because my MIL had shown me how to do this previously, but I will link up to this great tutorial!
{{ Skinny Jeans DIY }}

Have you ever left your littles behind on vacation? What helped you/them through it? Also, if you would like to be a guest blogger on my blog while I am away, please email me at, I would love, love, LOVE to have you! :)
Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

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    I am now following you :)
    Have a nice trip to Florida.

  2. I always get so sad when leaving my kids. I just make sure to call them AT LEAST once a day, but usually more like 20 lol. I also remind them a million of times that I am going to bring them back cool surprises for them. Good Luck, it sounds like you need a vacation!
    I am now following you

    XOXO Tiffany