Friday, April 19, 2013

Relaxed Friday :)

Just how I like it! I feel run off my feet from working all week that I like to just relax and spend time with my boys on Fridays. Today I was up much too early as I had to drive my mom to the hospital for an appointment as she wasn't allowed to drive. I took advantage of my early wake up call by visiting with my Gramma, who has been in the hospital since February all because some young kid was texting and driving and slammed into the back of her car. PLEASE, please, PLEASSSSE, resist the urge to use your phone while driving! One split second and you can cause a lot of grief and pain to a family! RANT DONE.

So after I was done visiting with my Gramma, and since my beautiful niece was already at my place watching my rug rats, I took complete advantage of my time away and slipped by Walmart for a few things! OH what an amazing trip it was to get groceries WITHOUT kids! Haha. I began to wonder why I hated grocery shopping so much, then I realized it wasn't the shopping, it was doing it with two rambunctious little boys in tow!

When I got back, I decided a trip to the park was definitely in order. We have been waiting for what seems like weeks for our warm weather to come back to us, and today it did! We ran, skipped, hopped, dug in the gravel and played like crazy. I think I may have liked it more than the boys! We managed to loose a car, (due to the digging, covering in gravel part) and we came home dirtier than ever, but it was so worth it! I really enjoyed just hanging with my boys. I have really been thinking about them growing up lately, and how this time is flying by much too fast. I'm trying to consciously take time-outs from my busy days to spend time with them, kiss them, play cars, cuddle. There is a song that they play on the radio that talks about only ever getting this day once, you will never get it again. This is so true, and every time I look at my growing boys I am reminded of this!
Now for the picture overload :)

(Beautiful view from the hospital room, filled with Timmy's and the scent of flowers!)

(My neice, having fun with her cousins while she "baby sits")

(My kids are awesome, love being their mommy :)

How do you spend your days relaxing? (If you get the chance with the littles!) Haha.

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