Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cousins, Cruisin' & Cows

Our weekend was GREAT! I managed to get some boxes packed back at the house for our up coming  big move so that meant I got to hang with my boys all day Friday and we had a blast! We went to the mall to pick up some new pants for them, (packing also means purging and finding out your kids have very little that will fit them for the winter, yikes!) So we met up with Gramma who was watching their cousin, and spent time cruising the mall and cruising in the car! The rest of the weekend was left to filling up our condo's dumpster bins with unwanted junk which was a huge blessing that saved us a trip to the landfill and the pocketbook. It ended with great worship at church, followed by great conversation and food with awesome friends!
It was busy, I am exhausted, but greatly satisfied. Now to get ready to make it through another work week and back to more packing...

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