Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Easy lunch for the kid'iddles

Have you ever made tuna melts? If not, it must be one of those weird lunches my mom made for me all the time as a kid, but no one else's moms were that cool. They just had all these other weird lunches that I had never heard of and were poplar in their homes... 
Anyway, they are a yummy quick lunch that are usually, always a hit with any kid, but are typically  made using bread, tuna with mayo, and cheese! (Not hash browns.) Well the other day I ran out of bread. SO, I rummaged in my freezer and found some hash brown patties that I forgot we had. They worked quite well in place of the bread, and definitely one of the easiest meals I have ever whipped up for the boys! Also a plus, they are gluten free for those of you who are allergic! AKA, almost my whole family.

- Hash brown Patties (OR bread)
- Tuna
- Mayo
- Cheese
And if you want to be healthy, add side of green beans, peas, carrots or fruit cocktail, your choice!
1.) Cook up hash browns according to package using oven. (Skip this step if you are using bread)
2.) Mix up tuna with mayo as if you were to make a tuna sand which! (Told ya this was easy)
3.) After hash browns are golden brown, layer the tuna on top, then top it off with some cheese.
4.) Throw it back into the oven and let the cheese melt.

And tada! You now have tuna melts. My kids LOVE canned peas and beans. Weird but hey, if it gets them to eat their veggies... I won't judge if you won't! Did you have any meals in your home that you thought were the best ever, but no one else knew what you were talking about?

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