Friday, December 20, 2013

First Home Project!

Before we decided to purchase our home, I knew that if we did, that the front entrance would be the first thing that had to be changed! I don't mean "had to" as in, it was ugly and I couldn't stand it, or that I just wanted it changed so dang bad. The previous owners had changed out the carpet to laminate, but in the process, a chunk of the flooring where the carpeting had been, was missing. It was just plywood. It was driving me insane, AND I didn't like the idea of having the plywood bare right where all our wet winter boots were going to pile up. So my wonderful husband, let me pick out some flooring and I got my Christmas present a bit early! Yay!

See the bare subfloor? Yea, not my favourite thing!
Our local hardware store had some very nice slate on sale. ($1.99sf to be exact.) At first I hated the thought of the little textures and having to clean it all out. Then, I looked at the other options which were all much more expensive than this slate. They also looked fake. Like they were digitally printed onto the ceramic. BLEH! So slate it was! And I have to say, I am in love with it. The colours and texture are amazing and totally our style!
It cost a total of $200, and we were blessed with a family friend who knows how to install this stuff properly and helped us out. (Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! ;)
Doing the reno's in our home properly and not looking like a DIY disaster is incredibly important to us. After living in rentals where the landlords could care less, and everything was falling apart, we are ready to do things right and take care of them. No matter the work!

So that is our first project. Not huge, but big enough. And definitely adds more beauty to our forever home! What do you think? What kind of flooring have you dreamt of adding to your home?

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