Friday, January 21, 2011

Cloth Dipes Anyone?

SO I have been using cloth diapers off and on since my boys were first born, and for the past 4 months we have been "on" with cloth diapering.
When I first started I had very little money and almost 90% of my diapers were donated to me! They are just the basic white fitted dipes with a plain wrap around them. They work great, they are a little more work than disposables but I feel better knowing they are better for the environment as well as my boys little tushies!
But my husband refused to change a cloth diaper, he says its too difficult (a good excuse in my opinion,) but he will change disposables!
So now I have made more work for myself and am challenging myself to make an AIO cloth dipe! Well, a few of them anyways.
For those of you who don't know what AIO means, it basically means its a cloth diaper that is just like a disposable, one piece. only difference is you wash it and re-use it rather than throw it out!
Anybody ever tried this and succeeded?

I am using the pattern and directions from

My boys are way past a medium, I think, so I am just adjusting it a wee bit to make it a little bigger! I have made some cloth diapers in the past, but they have all been just cloth fitted dipes with a wrap so this is going to be different!
Wish me luck! When I am finished (if I finish, haha) I will be sure to post my end results for ya'll to see. =)

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  1. We used apple cheeks diapers. They worked really well.