Saturday, January 29, 2011

itty bitty'ness

Sometimes I catch myself looking at old photo's on my camera for hours on end.
I come across some from college, others from my time spent living in Oregon before
marriage and children, but my favorite? Always, the pictures of my boys when they were itty bitty!
It seems now, looking back, that I never took enough pictures of them. Can't blame a new mom who wanted only "The Best" for them, nursing and using cloth diapers making 10x more work for herself. I barely had time to sleep little own take more photos!
I did come across one that I forgot I had, and I love it.
It was probably one of the only times I was able to get the both of them in the MOBY at the same time. (A twin mom rarely leaves the house for the first year of the twins lives so carrying systems are a FAIL!) It made me tear up a bit to see how much they have grown!
It makes me want another one SO bad, but I know that would be stupidity. And in reality the nice itty bitty stage never lasts forever so it would only be curing the want for that itty bitty'ness for a short time.
Instead, I will just have to look back, reminisce and be grateful for the memories I have.
In the meanwhile, I am loving every new stage in their lives!
They become more and more fun, and interactive. I love watching them grow. =)

One day I hope to have another baby, but for now, pictures will have to suffice!


  1. Ive got baby fever BAD right now, I do the same thing just look at pictures and wish i could go back. I love that picture, I admire you for sure!! I hope you have had a great weekend!

  2. thats the most adorable picture! you look like a super mum ^_^ my best friend just had a baby and im going a litle crazy buying baby things. :s I think im gettin broody!