Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long time no blog...

SO i guess it's about that time, right? Life has just been so fast paced in the last few weeks, I have had a hard time keeping up to myself little own a blog! I guess that's part of the beauty of a being twin mom, hehe. Never bored!
My mom, (technically mother in law, but we'll just call her mom) came up from Oregon to visit us for about 10 days and love on her only two grand babies. Now I LOVE to have her around. We have the best relationship, and whenever she leaves I actually dread it! She is such a big help around the house, and such great company. This time I actually got quite lonely. My husband has been working 7 nights a week with his job, and on top of that still doing his personal business stuff so I rarely get to chat with him. It's just me and the babes. Get's kinda lonely! So having her gone was at the least to say, kind of crappy.
We did however enjoy having her here, and kept super busy with the boys! So I thought I would share just a few pictures I took while she was her. =)

This was Ace on the "big boy" part of the park. No fear from this kid!

My little Ez sliding all by himself. Where did the time go?!

We also took a day to go visit my neice, Jordyn, who, we rarely get to see anymore. My kids have so few cousins so it is kind of sad that they don't really know one another, so this was really fun trip! We attempted to get a photo of the boys with Jordy, but as always, one of two is not co-operating...

Maybe I will post more later, I just heard a baby whine and I think nap time is officially over. Till next time!

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