Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Design!

So today, I was lucky enough to have a break from my kidlets to work on some graphic stuff ♥ ♥ ♥
After spending what seemed like eons, getting The WAHM Hub contest and work out of the way, I started working on a new design for a temporary tattoo ID.
I am sure you have heard of them. Perfect thing for busy moms with multiple kids! hehe.
Or any mom really! They can be printed out on tattoo paper which can be purchased at your nearest craft store OR online. Then you just cut them out, use a little bit of water (or spit) and tada! Your kid is tagged. Or tattooed. Mmmm, lets just go with safe! When you order, just let me know the name(s) as well as the phone number. Then I will send the file your way. You can re-print as many times as you want, 50x if need be. You never have to re-order or re-pay! That is the beauty of it. =)
Anyways, here is the design below. If you want more info on these fabulous little monster ID's my email is rock-a-boo@hotmail.com

These are the first of what I hope to be many designs. Maybe A set of pink and purple monster next? Who knows!

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