Thursday, January 19, 2012

LOVE this project!

Before my boys were born, I was given 2 baby books. You know, the kind that you write down every single milestone your child makes during their first year? I was certain I would fill each of their baby books full of fun facts and beautiful pictures of my gorgeous children. I think I maybe got to month 3 and stopped... After all the late night feedings, (exclusively breastfed EVERY 2 hours!) broken sleep, and all that fun stuff that comes to being a new mommy of multiples, I just never got around to it! Who knew. Do I regret not keeping up? Well, actually, yes. But I do not think I could have gotten around to it, even if I were superwoman!
I was browsing pinterest and I seen this cute little idea to record each year with your child. I am assuming as it is only a once a year thing that I shouldn't have a problem... we'll see. You can purchase a pre-made album from her ETSY shop, but of course, if you are crafty like myself, this would be fairly simple to make! In fact, think I might just start mine now as it's less than 6 months away till my boys turn 3! Thanks to Reaves, party of four for sharing this lovely idea!

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