Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UFC and Me; Day One!

I admit it, I hate UFC. The mere thought of individuals beating the bajeepers out of one another for no good reason other than being crowned UFC champion makes me cringe. It actually can make my stomach turn! So why then am I using something with the name UFC in it? Well, mostly because I'm desperate, maybe a little bit because my husband said he would do it, and perhaps even a tad bit because its actually not a bad workout. For one, I am not beating up anybody, there is no blood and the testimonials were great. (Yep, they got me!) I do love the fact however, that the workouts are completely geared to my individual needs and really does work my body! PLUS, I don't even have to leave my house which is a big plus cause I would never be able to get to a gym with my busy lifestyle. I woke up this morning feeling like death. Literally. I could barely move my sore and aching body out of bed and had to remind myself if I didn't move quick, I might have another poop/pee catastrophe on my hands from my non-potty trained toddlers!
I also loved that before I started my workout, it had me do a test to see where I was at. Not so surprisingly, I am a beginner. :P And there were video clips that gave me some useful knowledge which if I hadn't trained for hockey in the past, I would have never known!

So here is my journey, not a weight loss journey (Although I would like to shed a few pounds), but more of a toning and strengthening journey to get myself in a much better, healthier shape and lifestyle! Ya know, all that which jigglies and wasn't there pre-kids? Yeah, that can go!

(Day one picture to come, haven't had a chance to upload it!)
This is the game I am using in case you want to check it out yourself!
UFC Personal Trainer Testimonals

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