Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tonight was no different than every other night. At 9pm we chased the boys up the stairs into the bathroom, fought with them to brush their stinky little teeth, got ready for bed and read our bedtime stories followed by nighttime prayers, kisses, and of course, mommy's version of your are my sunshine. After about a half an hour into our bedtime routine, I said goodnight and went to leave the room when I heard a little whimper followed by, ""No, cuddles!". Knowing I very well couldn't ignore that, I crawled into bed, got under the covers, and just cuddled! My son smiled the biggest smile, and for once, let me wrap my arms around him and just snuggle with him. It is a rare moment that either of my boys will let me do this. They are way too busy being 2 half year olds to stop and give their ole mom a hug! So I soaked up every last minute of that snuggle, and before I knew it, he was already asleep. I then made my way to the top bunk where the other one lay wide awake and I crawled into a very squeaky, uncomfortable bed and started snuggling with him. I started rubbing his head, and as I just enjoyed this time with him, he reached out and started rubbing my face, as if to comfort me. Maybe he could sense that I was about to start crying at this point and that I needed a little comforting of my own. I get so busy with the everyday, the poopy dipes, the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands, the "to-do" list, that I forget how important it is to stop, take a break, turn of my mind and "just cuddle" We only ever have just a short window of time that they will allow us, or like my little Ez, invite us to be close to them.
In that moment, all I could do was thank God, praise God for blessing me SO greatly with not one, but two gorgeous little boys that still want nothing more than to have me curl up beside them and cuddle. And I am SO grateful for that! :)

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