Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot, hot & MORE hot!

I do not know what is up with our weather, but our summers never seem to be this hot! Usually we get a few days, or a week at most of super hot weather and then were done. But this week has been so hot that we have been opting to spend our evenings and almost all night in our basement till our house cools down! I would love to have an AC unit but for the small amount of hot weather we get it would be a waste of money. So we have been trying to figure out ways to cool down! So far this has worked;

1. Fill the toddler pool with water from the ice cold hose! After about an hour it is already warmed up to a tolerable cold and even mommy can dunk my feet in to cool off!

2. Soak each other with the spray nozzle from hose. Not a favourite of my boys, but it sure does cool em down quick!

3. Freezies, freezies and more freezies!

4. Our neighbour got a slip N' slide. Brought back SO many childhood memories I was so tempted to try it myself!

5. Hide out in our cool basement ;)

6. At night, and after the sun goes down (which is about 10pm here!) we open all the windows in the house, turn our our fans and leave them open till about 5am. I then sleepily get out of bed, close the windows and blinds and leave it that way all day! Seems to keep some of the cool inside. :)

How do you stay cool on super hot summer days?!

(Yes, he is eating sand from his sand table! :P)

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