Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just sick!

Usually before a vacation we mom's have a long list of to-do's before we leave, such as;

Clean house. No one likes to come home to stinky, messy house after a nice relaxing vacation!
Do massive amounts of laundry, sort and put away so you can easily pack bags.
Make a list a mile long of the things you need to make sure you bring with you to make sure you don't forget anything super important!

Me? I've been spending the last week, and will be spending the remaining days leading up to our vacation, sick! Oh yea, a mothers dream. First came the pink eye. I really thought we were done with that! Of course not, that would be too easy, it came back on Ace after making its round on Ez, and is now on to Mr. Kelly. And yes, that means I washed all the bedding in the house, pillows/sheets/blankets, 3 times over. Did I also mention that all four of us fell victim to the nasty cold bug as well? And as if that wasn't bad enough, our good friends got married over the weekend so we spent Thursday through late last night celebrating that, (we were in the wedding party) with very little sleep! No time for rest in this household. :P So to put things short, I am now cleaning like a mad women, doing more than massive ammounts of laundry, trying to write my vacation list and I still have to work Monday and Tuesday which virtually leaves me with Wednesday to get ready for a 12 hour flight all while fighting a cold! Am I freaking out yet? Nah, I got this ;)

How we spent our busy weekend!

My mom showed this to Ez who proceeded to tell her, "Oh NO Gramma, mommies face is broken!"

My beautiful friend Jessica and her new hubby, Greg!

bridesmaids in the limo!!!

And this is how we spent the other half of our week;

I guess the good news is that our house is never dull, I never get bored, and there is always something interesting to talk about with complete strangers at a very nice wedding!

Blissful and Domestic

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