Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quiet Books

The seem to be all the rage on Pinterest, and I will admit, I am in love with some of the idea's people have come up with. You smart, creative mommies you! But are they realistically do-able for someone who is busy 24/7 like myself? Well I am about to find out! Maybe. I want to make one each for my boys, and 1 for my neice before Christmas. That is not including all the other little gifts I do for each of my family members. I don't buy any gifts, I make them. I think it's more personal and shows that I care enough about them to put lots of time into their gifts. Plus, it's more affordable and I am a firm believer that people way over spend at Christmas! I enjoy the simple things, like a special traditional Christmas breakfast past down from my husbands family to ours, or sitting around the kitchen table making our annual Christmas decoration for our tree so we can one day look back and see all the beautiful memories of years past!

So back to the quiet book... here are some of my favorite idea's. Will I get them all done? Probably not, lol. Will I attempt them? Of course! Wish me luck ;) AND if you have any idea's that you would like to share, PLEASE do! :)

Some of my favorites;

LOVE all the buckles!

This one you can purchase a template for!

Love the girly cupcakes! Might have to do this one just because it's pink ;)