Monday, December 31, 2012

3,2,1... new years anyone?

Or in my world, "Happy that both my boys are quietly tucked into bed AND being quiet before 8pm!"
Sitting on the couch, watching what seems like the never ending series of 4400 (Yes, thank you Netflix yet AGAIN for getting me hooked!), with my annoying handsome husband was, believe it or not, not my original plans for the night. In fact, until yesterday we were planning on road tripping it up to my sisters place for the day/night and having a blast with food/games/friends and actually having some fun! Something I am sure I have forgotten to do. Sad. Yes, I know. I get sooo busy with life/kids/bills/hubby that I never take a second to enjoy it. seriously. I think I need to work on that... New Years resolution maybe? Nah, those never really work out. At least not for me anyways!
Back to my story...
So, we did have a very exciting night planned, and I was so super looking forward to it! So much so, that I couldn't wait for Christmas to be done and over with so I could enjoy a night for myself! Then everyone got hit with the evil flu bug. Except us, we were spared! Hoorah!
So here I am, writing a blog post about it, and sulking. It's not like it's anyones fault, except maybe that super evil flu bug, just bummed out is all!
Okay, so before I turn this into a complete gripe fest, I must point out that there was some good in this!
1. My tree got put away along with all the decorations!
& 2. I caught up on my laundry. SUPER CHEER!

AND, now I will bore you with my gratefulness of this past year :) Your welcome.

- Beginning of 2012, hubby and I took a leap of faith and went full time with the business and God has supplied all our needs!
- I have grown tremendously, personally and musically, as I work with my dad teaching music to kids.
- My babies turned into real boys and had their third birthday! :'(
- My very small ETSY shop selling blogger templates has grown enough in one year to help us buy a reliable vehicle, send us on our first vacation EVER, and help us almost be out of debt! (ALMOST THERE!!!)

Super stoked for 2013 & what God is going to do in my life! :)
I am wishing EVERYONE (Whether anyone is really actually reading this or not...) a very happy New Years! Don't forget to Praise Him for all those little victories too ;)

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