Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clean eating! What is that?

Im not quite sure if I've even got it quite right to be honest. But I think its just deciding to look at labels, buy everything that is natural and without loads of sugar and calories, and cook, cook, cook! Okay, so maybe I added that last one in there, but it seems like thats all I do :P Perhaps because I find myself cooking different meals for different people in this house! Grrr.
So I have a few friends who started eating clean, and have turned into exercise natzi's, and lost a ton of weight! (They look pretty hot too!) I have struggled ever since giving birth to my twins, I stopped breastfeeding my twins. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight 6 weeks after they were born! CRAZY,I know right?! But now I am almost 20 lbs heavier than that. It's a real ego crusher. SO I have decided I am making a lifestyle change! For me. ALL FOR ME! Yes you heard me right, I am doing something just for me :P So far I am on day 4 and I feel fabulous! My stomach is not nearly as bloated, and I am actually enjoying finding the time to go outside and walk. I am kinda nervous about when I go back to work though, I get super busy and just grab whatever :/
I am determined to look good, no, look damn good in a bikini again and feel wonderful about myself!!!!
Okay, so if you are looking to see what clean eating is all about, check out this girls blog. I am amazed at how easy it is to eat clean, and feel good about it too! She is truly an inspiration :)

----> Undressed Skeleton

My wonderful sister is also lending me her old elliptical since she never uses it anymore and I cannot wait to hop on that thing everyday! (Yes. I am fully aware that this excitement will wear off, lol.)

Okay, so as much as I would like to go on and on about how super excited I am about changing my life, and eating habits AND loosing this unwanted weight, It's Saturday, and my husband is off work so it is time for us to go outside and get some family time in and hopefully get some much needed exercise in! :)

Just wanted to share some photos of the last few days of eating clean meals and some time spent outside exercising with my boys :) It's winter here and cold, so you now have NO excuses!) and

We seen a train on our looooong walk, the boys are obsessed and were overly excited when the conductor blew the whistle for them!)

Happy Saturday! And why not take the eat clean challenge? Just one clean meal a day ;)

I am hopping over here this beautiful morning :)


  1. Those meatballs look delicious! Thanks for the comment and I completely agree with wishing there were an easier way. LOL

  2. Thanks for stopping by my space. Following back! :)

  3. I'm eating clean also, basically that means not processed foods. I gained 4 pounds over the holiday so I'm taking them off through clean eating and exercise.

  4. I wish you tons of success on your eating clean challenge. I just recently had my little one in November and I'm too trying to shed 20. I think I will join you on the eating clean journey :)

    Happy Saturday!!!

  5. Those onion rings look AMAZING!! I try my best to eat clean and gluten free. Just doesn't always happen when sweets are involved. Thanks for following me... I'm very excited to have found your blog. I have twin little brothers and have always felt some connection with twins. Plus you love JESUS!!!

  6. ...and NOW I'm hungry! haha. just found your blog from the giveaway over at Newborn Mama! Super cute blog and excited to be following along! By the way, can you PLEASE send some of that snow my way?!?! lol

  7. Great Post! I just did an interview with Tosca Reno, creator of "The Eat Clean Diet" & would love for you to stop by!! <3