Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coffee Talk... ♥

1. What is your winter "must haves"?
- Warm comfy boots!
- Big sweaters

2. What is on your Christmas wish list this year?
Clothes. Honestly, it's always just clothes or a shopping date with the hubs! I did see a nice pair of TOMS I have my eyes on...

3. What is your favorite holiday coffee/tea/alcoholic beverage?
Well I hate the taste of coffee, don't mind tea, but hands down it would have to be candy cane hot chocolate!

4. Top 3 must have holiday desserts?
Okay, so this one is hard being gluten free. Pretty much can't eat dessert! So when and if I can;
- Peppermint Fudge
- Any type of cheesecake!
- Oh and these look yummy!

5. What time do you get up to open presents from Santa with your family? Do you clean up right away or do you leave it there in a huge pile until it's the night before trash day? Whenever my 3 year olds wake us up, which lately has been around 7:30 am! :( Hoping to sleep in till at least 8:30 this year! and as far as cleaning up, it must be cleaned up before I go to bed that night or it will drive me nuts. Jus a wee bit of my ocd kickin in! Shhh!

6. What is your New Years resolution? Learning how to lean more on God, letting him take control of my life and let him lead me where I am called to be! SUPER excited about the doors he has been opening for me, but also super scared, but thats how we grow, right? Other than that, focusing on a healthy lifestyle for my whole family :)


  1. Are those elk EARRINGS?! I LOVE THEM!

  2. All this talk of cheesecake is making me want mine before dinner!!!! HAHHA