Wednesday, November 28, 2012

27 days to go...

Does anyone else feel the stress yet? If it wasn't bad enough that I have been asked to perform at 4 Christmas plays, keep my work load up and having my husband pulling all day/night shifts at the office all before "C"day, I have also crazily decided to once again, be creative and hand make all of this years Christmas gifts! Stupidity at its best, I know. (Minus the twins gift. ALL they want is hot wheels and Cars!:P) Can't win em all...
I have managed to pull a few of them together but my time is running out. Keepin it quick & simple people!

On another note, I kind of feel like am instagram whore :| I cannot get enough of this cool little photo tool! Without it, I would not be able to capture very many moments with my awesome kids! ;)

Eating Candies for using "Big Boy" undies with NO accidents! | Good morning cuddles with my Ez'man | Helping decorating the Christmas tree | Christmas miracles do happen!!! | Sledding with Grampa :) | NEW haircuts! (curtesy of mommy) | Weird workout headbands... | Tried my hand at some Gluten free spring rolls! SUPER yummy! | Daddy bought the boys some dvd players for mommmies sanity :) Smart move daddy, smart move.

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