Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fighting the Winter Blues

And today, we decided to do just that by packing up the kids and all their snow gear, and driving all the way out of the big city to gramma and gramps! Ez has been asking to go to "John Deere's", which up until this point I was wondering if he knew that John Deere wasn't a person and didn't have a physical location. He was talking about the tractors at Gramma and Grampa's! They were overly excited when we announced late last night that we were heading out of town and they would get to ride the coveted John Deere. Boys and tractors, who would have thought!

Getting out if the city is one of our favourite things to do, even if it doesn't happen as often or as much as we'd like! :) How do you fight the cold winter blues?

note: We seen a real deer outside later that night, the boys ran to see it and my funny Ez says;

"We seen John Deer's outside mommy!"

Yes. My son now believes all deer are named John!

We are joining the Saturday Morning blog hop over here today :)

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  1. haha--I love this, as I come from a family that are huge fans of John Deere. I guess the love for tractors starts young!

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