Saturday, February 16, 2013

The ugly truth about celiacs

No, eating a strict gluten free diet is not my choice. I am not, how one article put it, picky. And I do, suffer more than anyone knows. (unless you too have celiacs disease! Then you totally get it;) For years I have been exhausted, and tired. I want to sleep more than most, get sick what seems to be all the time and for years I assumed it was normal! Now I know better. After talking with my sister who suffered throughout her twenties I finally "get it". Its not just an allergy where I puff up, puke, get hives, it is a type of auto immune disease and it can ruin your life! Celiacs doesn't just mean I cut out wheat/gluten and I get better. Oh, how I wish it was that easy! Nope, even with a strict diet my body doesn't absorb nutrients very well. I could take a ton of vitamins to prevent getting sick but my body won't absorb it all so I still get sick! I cannot even count the times in this last year that I have been on antibiotics. Since I started working outside of the home I am sick at least once, if not twice a month. I eat clean! I eat lots of fruits and veggies and even take vitamins, yet I still get sick.
So what is a mom to do? I can't stop working, that would mean not putting food on the table or a roof over our heads. What do I do? I guess just grin and bear it?

Today, my celiacs kicked my butt. After only 2 weeks of being knocked off my feet from tonsillitis, I have an infection yet again. I couldn't function, cried like a baby, and set off to the clinic where they were quite worried about my high fever and gave me a ton of Meds which made me feel higher than a kite! Heck, you should see my house. My lovely children flooded my kitchen floors, drew on the bathroom walls, and I even found some nice poop art all over their bedroom walls! Yes, I had no idea what they had done and probably should have been watching them a little closer. But in my defence, I couldn't move out of bed even, if I had wanted to! Thank you celiacs, for making me feel like a piece of sh*t mother.

So you see, it's not just an allergy. It takes everything I have out of me and what little strength I have left to keep pushing each day. Past the fatigue. Past the constant stomach pains. And past being sick all the time.
I hope that one day I can feel better but for now, I am getting a serious butt whoopin!

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