Friday, March 8, 2013

Clean Eating - Mixed Berry Smoothie!

I have been on a smoothie kick for the past 2 weeks. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! Now, I am not by any means a clean eating Guru. But since I have started my journey just over 3 months ago, I have learned how to create a few, quick easy clean fixes as well as lost over 10lbs! Enough to make this girl jump for joy and have hope to one day regain my confidence in my body!

So I tried this one out, and instantly fell in love with it! (I am hoping to whip up a mango/coconut version later tonight!) I find with smoothies, you either knock it out of the ball park, or create something that is less than appetizing. This one was a thumbs up ;)

Ingredient List;
1. Frozen Mixed Berries
2. Almond Breeze (I usually use Vanilla Almond Silk because it tastes a bajillion times better, but this was all I had in my house!)
3. Vanilla Protein (This was my first ever protein purchase, and I LOVE it! A MUCH better option would be Vega, but I have yet to find it here in Calgary!) This is gluten free for those of you who are intolerant like myself!
4. Low Fat, plain greek yogurt (Everyone raves about Chobani yogurt, not sure if its available in Canada!)

I used;
- 3/4 cup of frozen berries
- 1/4 cup of yogurt
- Half to 3/4, scoop of vanilla protein
- Fill the rest of Almond Milk

I like to use my Magic Bullet as it is convenient for a single serving AND easier to clean! Just whip it up and drink from the cup ;)

I Honestly didn't think about taking a completed picture of my smoothie. Next time I make this, I will try to remember to take a photo and post it for ya'll, but I am sure you get the idea! ;)
This smoothie tastes amazing, and I think it's due to all the vanilla flavouring. If you don't like vanilla, then it probably won't be for you.

What is your favorite smoothie flavour combinations?!


  1. I have a really hard time with drinking anything laced with protein, but this seems like it's worth a try!

    1. Me too! I did try this and used some pure vanilla extract instead, and it still tasted pretty yummy :)