Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to add your blog post signature

Ever wonder how to create, and add a custom blog post signature to every blog post? Well now you can! I will show you how :) Because Im just that nice (AND it's super easy!) I always suggest backing up your blog before doing ANY changed in case everything crashes, you have the original to re-install!

Embed a custom blog post signature into your blogger template!

Create your blog post signature. I use photoshop to create all of my images, but pic monkey and pixlr work well too. Just create a small image, approx. 300px in width by 200px in height, with your name on it.
Once you have created and saved your image to your computer, upload it to tiny pic, photo bucket or ANY other website that hosts images!
3.) Go to the back end of your blog, click on template, then customize. Once it loads, go to Advanced, then to Add CSS.
Copy the code below, and paste it into that spot!

Go grab the image from wherever you uploaded it. You want the Direct Link for Layouts part. Basically speaking, it should look like a URL/web address when you type it out, such as; http://www.tinypic.com/nameofimage.jpg You should be able to copy and paste into your browser, and see the image!

Go back to where you added the code into the backend of your blog, and paste the URL of your image where it says PASTE IMAGE URL HERE
Click, Apply to blog and your image should now show up at the bottom of every blog post you have ever created!

Now sit back, relax, and give yourself a pat on the back for making your blog one step cuter than before.
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  1. Is there any other idea using which I can add signature to my post. The coding things confuses me a lot but I will do try the steps you have mentioned. Thank you.
    what is a digital signature