Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HELLO Florida!

And goodbye very cold and wintery Alberta. Hehe! Well, at least for the last 3 days we have left here...
Every year my husband and I try to sneak away without our monkeys to a warm destination for some us time. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it! You don't need to go far, just spend at least 3 days away kidless together. It will change your life!
So we have been busy soaking up the sun, doing lots of swimming, and eating some amazing food. I am pretty sure I've gained back all that I lost eating clean, oops! But I am enjoying the time spent with my husband, time away from my boys making me be more appreciative of being their mommy even when they are driving me crazy, and trying to get refreshed before we fly back home back into what looks like its going to be the most busiest season of our lives.
Did I mention that on top of my already busyness, that we are moving in a month, and starting a new business? God is good, don't get me wrong I feel SO incredibly blessed but ahhhhhh! Lol.

So far we have spent some time in the keys, my husband went fishing and I layed by the pool and worked on my tan! We attempted snorkelling, but unfortunately I became extremely sick so it was a total bust. And we went to an alligator farm, which was probably so far my favourite thing to do! (Aside from the shopping of course, shopping is always a must for this girl.) Holding a baby alligator, another 30 before 30 check!

30 before 30

Today we visited a flea market, aside from managing to find a beautiful cuff bracelet and some shark tooth bracelets for my boys, it was kind of a bust too. Lots of un-practical clothing/items, cheaply made at boutique prices. That and lots of women pushing small dogs in what I could only come up with as a doggie stroller? Aren't you suppose to walk your dog? At least, thats what my mother always told me to do as a kid. Either way it was weird.

So for now, I am enjoying Florida. Florida is a blessing. And I am loving the weather! Do you Floridians know how lucky you are?! And I am bracing myself for snow as I step off the plane...

Enjoying un-distracted cuddles :)

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