Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kid Friendly Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

First off, did you know how easy it is to create a homemade slushy in your own home?! And second, did you know that it can be super easy, quick and not a whole heck of a lot of work in the process! (My kind of drink!) I did, only cause I just tried it because I had very little energy to run down to the corner stone and my boys were asking for a cold drink. I am not super mom here! Just a regular joe jane trying to live a happy healthy life!

Okay, so to the recipe.

Kid Friendly Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe + FAIL!

- Motts Strawberry Daiquiri Mix (Or other. Juice can work too, specially great for lemonade slushy!)
- Water (if you are using motts, its strong stuff.)
- Lots and LOTS of ice cubes.
- Blender

Put all the ice cubes into your blender. I didn't have enough this time around cause for some strange reason someone forgot to fill the ice cube tray :/
I suggest using the WHOLE thing, if not 2 or 3!
Add in your motts syrup (bout 1/4 cup if making a whole blender full) and add a bit of water.
Hit that blender up and wait till its all slushy!

So today mine was a fail. I didn't have enough ice cubes BUT, that didn't mean my boys didn't enjoy it. Probably all that sugar, hehe. I have done this many times successfully and they tell me its better than the corner store!

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