Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rainy diy, w/Free Printable

Yesterday was rainy. ALL day. But, I am not complaining! It is a welcomed change from the snow we got last weekend, yes in May! Sometimes I wonder why we live in such a cold climate where we really only get to enjoy summer weather for 3-4 months of the year.
Anyways, I decided to get my decorating and DIY'ing on since it's been awhile and came up with some cute chalkboard prints for my kitchen!
And since Im so awesome, I am going to link the download for them for FREE below. Your welcome. Feel free to share the love ;)

I created these using photoshop in an 8x10 size. (Standard US Paper size, aka, you can use regular printer paper OR photo paper from the dollar store!)
I just used some picture frames I had bought a long time ago and never used from the Dollarama store for $1.25 and painted them with black acrylic paint. I suggest using something a bit bigger than these though as I had to trim them up quite a bit, and even though I created a white matte border around them, after I cut them to fit inside the frames, the matte  border didn't show. So I ended up cutting a paper border with just regular printer paper. Nothing fancy over here peeps! And if you look closely at the top picture, the border I made cut off the text :(
Just use a bigger frame and save yourself the trouble!

Text was cut off in top picture!

The first one is because, well, it made me smile. The second one I created because I am forever trying to figure out conversions in the kitchen and I run around like a made women from the computer to the kitchen to figure them out!
So to grab these two printable's you can go HERE and HERE!
And if you used them, I would LOVE to see photos in your lovely homes! AND make sure to share them with your friends!
Sharing is caring! (At least thats how the saying goes ;)

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