Friday, April 27, 2012

Wooden Blocks DIY

These have got to be the easiest and most creative way to add some decoration to your home! I have seen them everywhere, but they can get pretty pricey, specially after shipping them seeing as they are solid wood! So I made some for myself :) Specially since they only cost me about $8 to make!

I needed;

- Wood blocks cut from a 2x4 (If you buy a 2x4 from the hardware store, they will cut it all down into blocks for you if you ask!) - FREE! (From dads stash)
- Spray paint - Walmart
- Sandpaper - Walmart
- Newspaper - FREE!
- Scrap booking paper
- Mod podge - Walmart
- Glue stick - Had some in my craft drawer!
- Embellishments - Dollarama
- Vinyl lettering (Optional! I bought a wall vinyl from dollarama for $2 and just used once sentence!)
- Dollarama

I started by getting the hubs to cut my 2x4 into smaller blocks. I was lucky and scored a scrap 2x4 from my dad after he was done putting up some basement walls!

Then I got to sanding down all the rough edges. I just used a sanding block for this part! Then I laid down some newspaper outside, and spray painted my blocks!

After they dried, I brought them inside and started making them look all pretty! I measured the scrap booking paper to fit onto the front of the block but left a little edge so you could still see the paint color. I then glued them down with the glue stick. (Make sure that when they are drying, you keep pushing the scrap booking paper down against the wood so there are no air bubbles!)

After those dried, I applied my vinyl lettering, "Love Always" and began to embellish them with some buttons, more scrap booking paper, gems. I used just regular glue for this, but I have used a hot glue gun in the past and it has worked quite well!

After all of that dried, I added a layer of mod podge to seal it all up! This isn't necessary, but I like to make my things to last :)

And this is what they look like! I have been trying to figure out what to put at the landing going to our basement for some time and I think this is perfect!

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