Thursday, May 24, 2012

oh the joy

I promise, I am not a negligent mother! But when you have twins, something like this happens almost daily.
So the story goes like this;

Hubs; Walks outside to show his motorcycle to a potential buyer.
Me; Thinking they will stay out of trouble, turn on the boob tube so I can finish making a batch of laundry soap! Literally 1 minutes after I left the living room and walk into the kitchen to finish up...
Twins; Have opened the front closet, found the massive container of bubbles, and dumped nearly all of it on my rug!

Moral of the story? Nothing is safe with two toddlers around!
Yes, I did use some plastic cups to scoop most of it back in. NOT because I'm cheap (this giant jug was only $3!) but because I had no other idea how to get it off my rug! Most of it is still lying there with some towels soaking it up. I'm hoping it doesn't stain... I guess the upside is that my house smells all bubbly! Hah!

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