Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ego my Preggo

No, not me! But everyone else is, or seems to be anyways! I think half of Facebook is pregnant, and if they aren't, they have just given birth. At a time like this, I admit, I am a little bit jealous. Not because I am dying to be pregnant (I LOVED being pregnant!) nor is it because I love everything itty bitty about newborns and am really looking forward to hopefully buying something pink. I am jealous, i do very much look forward but today is not the day to add more chaos to this house! My boys are at an awesome age, we can go on family outings with minimal damage, and honestly, I don't think it's fair to take more attention away from them. They still demand so much of me. plus, I almost have my husband convinced of starting the adoption process in 2-3 years, and that is far more important to me then having anymore of our own naturally! It is something that my husband and I have always wanted to do, and I literally dream of the day I get to hold my beautiful baby girl and just love on her! But as with everything, Gods timing is everything. So for now, being not pregnant feels great. And I am Satisfied!

On another note, I think Alberta missed the memo; It's fall NOT winter! I was hoping that it was just one of those "get a little bit of snow, melts before halloween and makes your winter seem less longer & depressing" kind of snowfalls. Nope. It's a, "smack you in the face, yes it's really here to stay" kind of fall. *insert big fat sarcastic smiley face RIGHT here!* I am not a cold person. Why I live in Canada is beyond me! So we did take advantage the opportunity to test out the snow gear and bundled up for some outside fun this week. Lets be honest. We only did it once and we only lasted half an hour. Yes, we are troopers! :P

How is your fall going?! Warmer than mine I hope...

Blissful and Domestic

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