Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

Well for us Canadian anyways. Yes, some of my crazy friends have already begun to put up their trees and decorate away! We have had snow for over a month already, Thanksgiving was week ago, and well, Halloween is done and over with so I guess why not?
I am one of those crazy people who start my Christmas shopping or making the day after Christmas. If I don't, nothing gets done and I start to get stressed out! So today, we are putting on our long johns, braving the cold, and doing a family photo shoot in our backyard! And the reason you may ask? Not only do we desperately need some new photos of our family BUT I need some photos for our Christmas cards! Have you seen these before? The cute little ones everyone sells on ETSY with your family photos inside? Well I dedicated a whole page to them, and you can grab one (with an instant download!) for only $5! AND I thought maybe it would be nice to give one away ;) Cause I'm nice like that! Hehe.You can enter below! Winner can choose which one they would like :)
You can check them out here. I am hoping to add more in the upcoming days, weeks :)

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  1. I wish Thanksgiving had happened here already! I am beyond anxious to decorate for christmas!