Friday, May 24, 2013

Rain, rain, go away...

"... come again another day!" That is exactly how I've been feeling. We live in an area where getting rain more than a couple of days in a row is rare. It's dry, and when we get rain it's usually in the form of a thunderstorm. Which I am completely fine with, as they usually hit us right after a long, hot day, and it's nice to cool down and just listen to the beauty! But this, this is not my idea of a nice rainy day! We are going on what, day 3? And the end, according to the weather channel, is no where in sight. See?

For once, I hope they are wrong. I hope they are drunk and just made a huge mistake. We are leaving for Oregon in 12 days and I feel like we are already there, haha.
I was the mom this year that said, "I am not going to bother buying any rubber boots, we rarely get rain and its not worth it!" ... The one year I decide not to invest in them, we get pounded with rain. Of course. Isn't that the way it goes?
So after only 2 days of rain, we were going stir crazy. I can only take so much Madagascar, Thomas, and Lightning. They were played out with the busy bags I have been working on for our road trip, and I can only do so much housework! So I packed up the monkeys, and was on a mission to find some rubber boots! I managed to find an old pair that Ez man could squeeze into but poor Ace, his feet were just too big! After 3 stores, we finally found some in his size! We got home, and I bundled them up in some warm sweats, splash pants, jackets and boots and let em go. Letting two little boys loose with a ton of puddles could have been a mothers worst nightmare! But I choose to just be "okay" with it, relax a little, and I let them get good and wet! After all, it won't hurt them and it certainly isn't going to kill them! So they got really wet, ran and jumped, and wore themselves out. It. Was. AWESOME. I even made a couple of little boats out of some foam sheets and packing tape! Best of all, our stir craziness went away, and I didn't have to spend a butt load to have fun. (Except for the boots.)

What do you do to keep your kids busy on rainy days? I could sure use some more idea's!!!
After they were done, we warmed up with some hot chocolate and then some cuddles :) perfection

Now to finish packing for my birthday weekend getaway with my husband! His mom is in town for a couple of weeks before we head down to Oregon, so he has planned a little getaway for 2 days. For those of you with little ones, you know how incredibly exciting even a couple of days away can be! I sense a lot of sleeping in, shopping, and actual conversation, as those three things alone are hard to fine! ;)

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  1. Hi, great blog! Newest follower here... I was hopin' that you'd pop on by my blog and follow back!

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I definitely need a break from my children sometimes. I didn't realize how LOUD the house had gotten when my son got out of school fro the summer. I love the rain, but with both kids inside, I would be stir crazy too! Following from SSS!