Thursday, July 11, 2013

Conversations with my 4 year old...

Bedtime conversations with my 4 year old.

Ace; "Mommy, you are breakable?" (All while poking and squishing my nose. HARD!)
Me; "Yes, mommies are breakable if you are too rough! You need to be gentle with mommies and girls."
Ace; "No, mommy's are not breakable! You are strong like daddy!"

If my son has that much faith in me, why don't I? Of course I'm breakable, but to him, I am strong. I can scare away monsters, hold him in comfort, and even make his boo boo's disappear! So why is it so hard to believe I am strong?
I don't think God was just talking to men when he gave us this verse in Philippians, or any of the many others about strength.

Philippians 4:13
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Women these days have to be strong. We are overwhelmed with not just child rearing, some of us work outside the home too, whether by choice or to to help deal with the high cost of living. We juggle that along with being a wife, and mother, add that along with our everyday duties, keeping up with the housework, errands, dinner... does anyone else feel like a whole lot falls onto our plates? I am told that I am strong, that other moms don't know how I do it with twins and working outside the home, but the truth is I just do it! I rely on God's strength on a daily basis! Okay, that's a lie. I rely on it every minute of every day! So if you think I've got it together, your very wrong. I fail. LOTS. I still have melt downs and cry, I still have moments where I yell, and yes, 4 nights out of the week I don't cook supper. We eat cereal. Shhhhh! But my life is beautiful, and I am strong because of God! I could never do what I do without His help. Very simple! We are strong, God created us to be able to multi task, nurture, and work a bazillion jobs. (Yes I just used the word bazillion, don't judge me!) And if you ever doubt it, just open your bible, its full of strong Godly women! :) If Jael could step up and do what a man couldn't, you can get through all those tantrums, mountains of laundry, or the rest of your work week. You may even be able to finish cooking dinner and one up me!

So dear son, you are right. I may not be as "strong like daddy", but I am sure as heck as strong as I need to be and then some! But please, no more poking my face, throwing dryer balls at my head, or play wrestling. Can we leave the rough housing to daddy? :)

I give you, hard spikey dryer ball thrown at head!

Sported this beautiful band aid all day thanks to a certain little boy!

Moral of my story; be VERY careful when breaking up a fight. That, or don't have kids...

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