Saturday, May 11, 2013

Traveling with the littles (pt.2)

Eye Spy! with my little eye... We've all played it before. A classic game of eye spy in the backseat of our family vehicle, fighting with our big sister (or little brother) over who guessed it first! Well today, I bring a new type of eye spy to the table, and this one will bring those fights to an end! Unless of course you only make one, be prepared for war!

I first seen these floating around Pinterest about a year ago, I loved the idea, and I loved that we could use familiar objects that my kids loved to create it! The only downfall, is that I made only one. I figured two of the same book would be a big waste of money, and since I could only think of a few pages to add, I definitely didn't have enough Eye Spy pages for two separate books. This could be an awesome way to teach them to take turns and the importance of sharing, or it could go horribly wrong and cause said, war.

This book cost me just under $5 (Canadian), and these are supplies I needed;
- Camera
- Toys, grouped into 7-10 piles
- White piece of paper or blanket
- Little 4x6 photo album (found mine from dollar giant for $1.25)

First, I sorted their toys into groups. This was a little time consuming, but I had them help, which they really enjoyed! AND it gave me a chance to go through their toys and sort them! (Or dispose of them if they were broken/missing parts) So it was a win win :)

Then I got out my camera, arranged all the toys from one group onto the paper, and took a couple of shots. I then picked out 3-5 toys from that group, and took another picture of them, this time with a big blank spot to the left or right, to fill with words later in photoshop! works great too ;)
(NOTE: After I did this, I realized that wal-mart cropped some of the toys out of the image around the edges, so it is best to pick toys that are in the middle of the group so your child can actually find them!)
I did this with each group. Two photos.
Then I opened up the photos with the blank spots and filled it with text like, "Can you find these Thomas Characters?" I also created one for the front of their book that has their names on it.
Once I finished editing the photos, I sent them into Wal-mart online, and picked them up later! (ONLY reason I used Wal-Mart was because they had a sale on their 4x6 prints for 15¢, usually they are 25¢! I NEVER pay full price :)

This is the easiest part, once you grab your prints, you throw them into your little photo album and Ta-Da! You are done. Sit back and let your kids have fun! This was definitely a hit for the two of them, and hopefully something that will keep them busy in the backseat on our long journey this summer!
I would love to see your Eye Spy books, if you get a chance to make one, let me know so we can link up! Have a happy weekend :) OH, and I almost forgot, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To all your wonderful super moms out there ;)

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