Sunday, May 5, 2013

Traveling with the littles ( pt.1! )

In just over a month, we will be taking a road trip. A very long road trip. It takes approximately 17+ hours from our house, to Salem Oregon where my husbands family all lives. But, and this is a really big but, that was before kids! Or, before wonderfully long hour sleeping babies who would let us drive mostly non stop, turned into toddlers. So in order to save my sanity, I have once again bit of plenty more than I can chew, and put together a list (no thanks to Pinterest) of car, bordem busters! This is the first of many...

Okay, so a few months back, or maybe many months back, I created a super easy, inexpensive dry erase book that can be used with play dough OR dry erase markers/crayons. This week, I created a few more pages to add to that book that are more car friendly! (and toddler friendly!) I found a few online that I liked, but all cost a bit to be able to print them or seemed too advanced for my almost 4 year olds, so I created my own. Cost me nothing but black ink from my printer, and I slipped them into the plastic pages I bought for my original dry erase book { here. }

I created 9 sheets, 1 - 9, that are simply numbers. For example, on number one they can trace the word one, and then find and circle of the 1's inside of the giant 1. Then I created a scavenger hunt page with images rather than words as my two are clearly not reading yet! When we pass by a cow, they cross it off. If they find someone talking on their phone, the cross it off. You get the idea :)

I showed them to the boys, and they were a hit! I told them what to do, and they caught on real quick. Now I just have to order some dry erase crayons from Amazon, and one of my many travelling pins are done! Hehe. Have you ever tried making a dry erase book for your little's while traveling, or have any advice for me?

You can find the original post and other free printables for your own DIY dry erase books over { here }. The books cost me $2 each from Dollarama, but I have also found plastic sleeves for $1 that can be snapped into a binder! I have linked to all of the pages below if you would like to print them off and use them in your own dry erase books. Happy traveling!

Numbers 1
Numbers 2
Numbers 3
Numbers 4
Numbers 5
Numbers 6
Numbers 7
Numbers 8
Numbers 9
Pre-K Car Scavenger Hunt

I'm off on another project to beautify my backyard this weekend and hopefully get it summer ready!!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and you take a minute or two to stop and smell the roses! (or play with your kids; That'll work too!)

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