Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Is it half way over already?!

Since returning from our long journey south to Oregon and back, our summer has seemed off and just not quite right. Probably working non stop hasn't helped, leaves little time for summer fun.
The only thing that I have been able to document so far is through instagram! Thank God for instagram. :)
So without further ado, here is our summer through photos!

1 & 2 - BBQs and pool time with cousins, 7 - rare opportunity with both boys actually loving me at the same time, 4 - my big boys turned 4, 9 - First pony ride EVER!, 5 - celebrating in Stampede style, even if we never actually made it to the grounds... 3 - John Deere tractor rides at gramma and grampa's, 8 - a trip to emerge with a sick boy = sleepless night with a cutie beside me!, 6 - LOTS. OF. COFFEE. For working so dang much and no nap times with big boys.

We are headed out to our church's family camp for the weekend which I am very much looking forward to! Not only do we get to hang out around some of the most amazing, uplifting souls I know, we get to do it together while having fun. OH, and I will get to perform with a friend of mine, which I am pretty stoked about. Okay, maybe more nervous than stoked... but its happening!
How is your summer been so far? I hope you are learning to give thanks for the little when theres little, and lots when theres lots!

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