Thursday, August 1, 2013

Morning Routines

Do you have one? Mine varies greatly depending on the day of the week, and lets face it, my mood! Mon. Tues. & Wed. I work outside the home, so if I manage to eat breakfast, pack the boys bags and get to my destination without missing a shoe (OR child), I have done great. The other 4 days, I try to stick to a routine.
First, coffee, even though I hate the taste of it! It helps me get up and go, with two little ones, being able to chase all day is a must.
Second, feed our bodies with some healthy food. I find if I don't start the day with fruit, the rest of the day is a battle field of fighting healthy choices all day. plus, sugar and junk make my kids go crazy!
Third, feed my body spiritually. For myself, this one is hard to do. It is so simple, yet taking the 10 - 15 minutes of quiet, uninterpreted time to read my bible and talk to God seems like a daunting task instead of something I just yearn to do. Is that sad? That one of the most benefiting things I can do for myself and my family and my entire life feels like work? I think it's time to whip myself into shape.
Today I did manage to grab 10 minutes of silence, thanks to a beautiful little contraption my kids received for their birthday. Behold, the trampoline! Total. Life. Saver. So today after breaky, I threw some clothes on the boys and shoved them out the back door! It was only 10 minutes of silence or more like, "not-ear deafening screaming" but it was great. I sat on my back porch, grabbed my coffee and just read! Well, technically I listened too. (Thank you YouVersion!) :) If you haven't downloaded the YouVersion app, do it right now! It is an amazing app that has many plans to help kick start your Bible reading. I even found a new one thats worth a look thanks to some wonderful women who really know the importance of listening to His voice :) SheReadsTruth
Starting my day like this is worth the fight, and it makes me wonder why I don't fight for it more often.
So that is my morning routine. Nothing super exciting!

My morning, thanks to SheReadsTruth

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