Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Photo Card Overlay's

It happened. We got dumped with snow overnight and there is no hope for a warm day in sight! I am little nervous as we are moving in exactly 1 week from today. None the less, we are making the most of the cold weather and staying nice and warm cuddled up in our jammies! I also took the time to make some pretty awesome Christmas Card overlay's for those of you who use photoshop and to help myself get in the Christmas mood. If you don't use photoshop, I am sorry, but it's what I use so thats what I created it in!  :P
I was going to list these in my ETSY shop but then decided I would offer it to my fabulous readers instead, and if you feel the need to donate towards my time, (which is SUPER appretiated!) you can do so by using paypal and using the button below;


You can download the psd. files from here! Text is editable as well as text colour. Only requirement is that you use this for personal use only! DO NOT re-sell digital files, products made from files, or use for clients if you are photographer! All my work is copyrighted to me. If you are photographer and would like to use for your clients, PLEASE email me and we can work something out! Thank you for respecting me and I hope you enjoy creating some awesome Christmas photo cards for your friends and family!
OH, and stay warm peeps! ;)

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