Monday, November 11, 2013

Super simple "Sweet 16" diy

She is 16. The beautiful little young women who I held at birth, helped care for, feed, bathe and taught is turning 16! Now if that doesn't make a person feel old, I don't know what would. This year I promised I would do 1 thing for her for her birthday; Set up a photo booth for her and her girlfriends.
This doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but for me, 4 hours of my time is precious! We have less than 2 weeks till we move, I'm working two jobs, and I'm over committed everywhere else. (And don't even get me started on my motherly house duties!) But none the less, I did it because I love the poop out of her!

I wasn't entirely sure what else to get her for her birthday, but I remembered seeing these really cute centre pieces that were overloaded with things that were specific for that person. I then thought about putting together something similar, but use the "vase" as a make-up brush holder" for future use! No wasting over here, we multi-use. So I headed to my nearest Dollarama and stocked up. I knew the idea I was going for, but wasn't sure what to add so I just went up and down the isles and whatever I thought would look good, I grabbed. My budget was $10. I spent just over $14. Here's what I got;

- Decorative glass container $2
- Craft vase filler $2
- Strawberry mil straws $1
- Perfume/Lotion pack $1.25
- Cheetah and Leopard underwear $1.50 each
- Make-up brush's $1.50 each
- Gift Bag $1
- Tissue paper $1
- Chocolate (boys gift from their halloween stock!)

I simply put the vase filler in the glass container and started adding things by sticking them into the vase. I then took the underwear and wrapped into the shape of a rose, and used tape to hold it together. I used the strawberry milk straws as a "stem" and stuck them into the vase with all the other goodies!

For the tissue flowers, I used youtube to figure out how to cut them, SUPER easy! Took me 5 minutes, and I used this video. I just taped them onto the ends of some more milk straws like the underwear.
Then I googled "Birthday Printable's" and found the little banner I used for the "Happy Birthday Tatum" part. I found the ones I used here. I did use photoshop to make them bigger and edit them to have her name on them.
That was it. Took me very little time to whip together, very affordable, and she loved it!

Have you ever had success with a dollar store gift that wasn't cheesy or cheap looking?

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