Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the BEST Salt Dough Recipe!

Ok, so maybe not the best, but it was the best for me! Whenever I try to create some salt dough ornaments, which is pretty much every Christmas, it breaks and crumbles.  I was on a mission to figure out how to make my ornaments as awesome as my aunts. So I asked her, what was her trick? She literally has been making these since before I was born. Point in case; amazing salt dough ornament created by my aunt.

My aunt is obviously rocks at creating salt dough ornaments!
She told me the trick is to get the right consistency.  There is no secret ingredient, just have to practice playing with the flour, water ratio until you get something soft and pliable enough to mould into shapes without melting apart but not be so crumbly, as that will just create big cracks. So today I attempted my second batch of salt dough this year, and I think I got it just right! This is what I used;

- 1 cup flour (Robin Hood Brand)
- 1/2 salt
- 1/2 cold water

Once you have finished creating your ornaments, place them on a baking sheet at the lowest temperature you can for 3-6 hours.

I must be crazy, because I choose to make a special ornament to go with each of my niece's and nephew's Christmas gifts as well as my boys. That is 6 is total. When you are out to make ornate decorations and not just flat easy ones, it takes some time, but it was totally worth it!

And last week, I attempted to create a nativity set with salt dough. It turned out much more crumbly, but I like it! :) I still have to do the painting of it, but for a $0 budget, I think I did pretty good.

Have you ever made salt dough ornaments? I love making them as personal little touches, and they make a Christmas tree look that much more beautiful with some real love on it!

Fresh out of the oven, no paint!

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